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Difference Latte,Espresso and Capuccino

Difference Latte,Espresso and Capuccino

On this moment, we will discuss about the differences among espresso, latte and cappuccino.
So, do you know what’s coffee latte actually?
This term is famous in North America. In Eropa, it often regard as something for your children only or especially coffee for beginners (teenagers).
There are so many people who make us confuse between latte and cappuccino. In the fact, latte is an espresso combined with steamed milk. The comparison of the ingredients are 16:2.
While espresso is very smooth powder coffee and wrapped in a portafilter and then included to the espresso machine. To get 1-2 ons espresso, we need heated water (190 to 197 degrees fahrenheit) and then pressed under 8 to 10 atmospheric pressure through a smooth coffee portafilter.
Next, we talk about how to know the quality of espresso (whether high or not). It seen on its colour and the consistency of the cream. If you want to add some sugars, better you add it on the cream for 15-30 seconds.
Whereas cappuccino itself usually made in one-third proportion. It means one-third of espresso, one-third of steamed milk, and one-third of milk foam. Espresso and steamed milk are poured simultaneously and then finish it by adding milk foam on it. Sometimes, people are confused between cappuccino and latte. But actually, they are different beverages.

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